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Easy Life, Abused Wife

What were you doing ten years ago? Where were you living? Did you have kids yet? Where were you working? Think about how much you have grown over the past ten years. Have you grown a lot? Not so much? Maybe things are a little tougher for you now than they were then?
Ten years ago on March 31, 2005 my ex-husband was arrested for domestic abuse and false imprisonment. Technically, I think his arrest was just after midnight on April 1; but you get the idea.


Hello Dear Readers!

Natalie Merchant is simply beautiful. Her appearance, her clothes, her voice—are understated and natural, and beautiful. I really enjoy her song “Wonder” because it helps me to imagine what it would truly be like to be famous and subjected to the opinions of so many others, including people who really have no idea who you are at the core. It also helps me to understand how strong a celebrity’s personal boundaries must be so that they can be tough enough to keep out unwanted influences.