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Journey To The Past

Hello Dear Readers!

I sang this song in college at the end of the year party for the Residence Hall staff.
Some of my friends were graduating and this really summed up some of the feelings about returning to their hometown or beginning new in another state.

Aaliyah was such a talented vocalist, and she would have gone on to do great things if she hadn’t passed away in that plane crash.  “Journey To The Past” is also from the cartoon movie “Anastasia” and is one of the girls’ favorites!

My favorite lines:

Bring on the Rain

Hello Dear Readers!

Sometimes I have the opportunity to participate in a candlelight vigil to honor the children and families who are going through difficult times.  This is the song I sing after lighting the candles, and it becomes a very powerful message.  Jo Dee Messina sings this with Tim McGraw, and it is the perfect song to listen to after a bad day when you need get back on the proverbial horse. 

My favorite lines:
"A single battle lost, but not the war" because we can’t always have things our way 100% of the time.

Jar of Hearts

Hello Dear Readers!

As a survivor of domestic violence, I really appreciate this song.  Anyone can become involved in an unhealthy relationship, but that doesn't mean that person is stuck there. Christina Perri's "Jar of Hearts" demonstrates how a person can extract himself or herself from a bad relationship and reinforce those personal boundaries to keep that negativity from creeping back.  

This song and video may appear to be negative at first glance; but I choose to see it as a positive song because it shows the beginning of growth.