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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: It has made me more beautiful.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (or PTSD) doesn't sound real pretty.  Trauma, stress, and disorder are highly negative words, and the disorder itself interferes with healthy relationships, how a person views the world and the people in it, and can even prevent them from holding down a job and functioning as a normal person in society. 

As a result of living through a domestic abuse situation, I now struggle with PTSD.  I have done some healing over the past nine years, and I know I have a lot more healing to do.

My Mother's Day Wish

Dear Children,
Jennifer and her daughters Francesca (left) and Alexandra (right) in 2005
Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and I know you have something up your sleeve for me; but let me take this opportunity to tell you what I TRULY want to celebrate tomorrow.

I want to kiss the top of your head and smell your hair because it reminds me of when you were a baby cuddled in my arms. You might be taller than me now, and I can't reach your head without a step-ladder, so please bend down when you hug me.

I want to see your smiling face as you share your hopes and dreams with me--they are so much more than I imagined possible, and if anyone can do it, you can!

The Colour Of A Woman's Heart

Hello Dear Readers!

This song has no lyrics, so the power of the music shines through without getting clogged up in our thoughts.  Tiana Andreas is a gifted composer and piano player.  When the girls were about 6 and 8 we had the opportunity to see Tiana perform live in Roseville.  Alexandra began to tear up during one of her songs, and had her first emotional reaction to music.  After the performance, Alex wanted to meet Tiana, and I shared Alex’s reaction with her.  Tiana gave her a copy of her CD, and it is a family favorite!

Nessun Dorma (Paul Potts version)

Hello Dear Readers!

This is January 12th's entry...a bit delayed.  It is also different from the format of the other Jen's Play List songs, because it is not the song that inspires me, but the man singing it.  Nessun Dorma is a beautiful classical piece from Puccini's opera Turandot.  Paul Potts was not a fancy man.  He made international headlines with his audition on Britain's Got Talent in 1999.  He took to the stage with a humble attitude, a simple look.

Sounds So Good

Dear Readers,

I can't remember where I first heard Ashton Shepherd sing, but it was not on the mainstream radio.  I had to hunt for her songs on iTunes and YouTube before she was signed to a label.  I've always LOVED her voice and the simple yet soulful way she croons.  Her accent is fun, too.  "Sounds So Good" is my favorite of her songs.

One of the reasons I love this song is because it reminds me to find joy in my life regardless of where I am or what I am doing.

Make-up: How are we teaching the concept of "beauty" to our sons and daughters?

Originally Posted on the Franny's House Blog on Monday, April 30, 2012 6:09 PM

Perhaps you have seen thisviral photoof an Asian woman who put make-up on only half of her face.  The results are truly shocking and as a result, several people have questioned the accuracy of this photo.  Even more people made mean comments about the woman's natural beauty.  Personally, I'm astounded that people would be so mean about a woman who is clearly pleasant to look at.  More than that, I worry about what message this sends to my own children about the value of "beauty" in our society.