Jennifer M. Rodriguez - Family and Relationship Coach

When your relationships are strained, Jennifer can help coach you through the tough spots and find a happy balance.  She works with individuals, couples, and the whole family unit (including age appropriate children's activities).  Some of the most popular topics include:
  • Step Parent and Step Child Relations
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Bully Prevention
  • Parenting and Co-Parenting
  • Communication Workshops
  • Stress Management for All Ages
  • Creating Healthy Emotional Bonds
  • Dating After Divorce
  • Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence Prevention
  • Building Self Esteem
  • Foster Parent Support
  • Families in Crisis

Coaching Rates for Individuals and Couples - $50/hour
Coaching Rates for Families with Children - $40/hour


Workshop registration is $10 per person.  Click on the calendar to register for the one that best fits your family's needs.  To schedule a workshop for your organization please email for an estimate.  Non-profit Organizations and Public Schools may be eligible for discounted rates.

For the Kids
Celebrate Me!
Audience: Preschool through 6th Grade
Topic: Peer Pressure, Bully Prevention, Diversity Appreciation
Jennifer reads her book Lunch on Thursdays with the students, incorporating thought questions and interactive "Thinking Cap" moments.  Students walk away with an awareness of how peer pressure can lead to a bullying situation, as well as feeling inspired to seek out and celebrate the differences among their peers.  Jennifer will also talk about the writing process and answer students' questions.  When appropriate, this can be combined with an Author's Table where the participants can purchase a personalized and autographed copy of Lunch on Thursdays.

Project Me!
Audience: 6th through 12th Grade
Topic: Peer Pressure, Bully Prevention, Diversity Appreciation
Jennifer leads an interactive discussion with the students about positive self esteem, diversity, avoiding peer pressure, and how to be an "upstander" against bullying.  The workshop concludes with students creating an "I am" poster and having their photo taken to celebrate each person's unique talents and gifts. 
From Victim, to Survivor, to Champion!
Audience: 6th Grade through College Age Students
Topic: Personal Relationships, Dating Abuse Prevention
Jennifer shares her personal story about how she became involved in an abusive marriage, how it changed her during the relationship, the challenge of escaping a near lethal physical attack, and the joy she discovered when she learned to love herself again.  Students have the opportunity to ask questions during the presentation; but for students who wish to remain anonymous, Jennifer will answer any written questions after the presentation in a follow-up Newsletter customized for your organization or school.

For the Grown-Ups
Demystifying the Behavior of a Bully
**This program was featured at the 2012 National Association for Educators of Young Children (NAEYC) Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA.
Audience: Adults, Parents, Education Professionals, Community Leaders
Topic: Bully Awareness, Bully Prevention
This nationally recognized seminar provides the audience with an accurate and working definition of "Bullying" or "Peer Abuse" as well as why it occurs, tips to recognize bullying behaviors early, and interventions that really work.  The seminar is followed by a panel of local students, parents, educators, and community leaders for questions and feedback from the local community.  The seminar can be adapted to address specific age groups for schools and organizations that work with a particular age group.

Parenting During Stressful Times
Audience: Parents
Topic: Parenting, Stress Management
Parenting is tough work, but families who are experiencing high levels of stress have even more challenges than usual.  Whether it is caused by divorce, long term medical issue, abuse, neglect, or domestic violence; stress can be devastating to the developing child.  In this workshop parents will learn about the effects of stress on both adults and children, and how to help manage stress at any age level.

For the Professional
**Note: Professional Workshops vary in price per participant
Writer's Workshop: Self Publishing
Audience: Aspiring Authors, Self Published Authors
Topic: Self-Publishing eBooks and Print Books with No Up-Front Costs
Workshop Cost: $50 per participant (workshop is 2 hours long)
This "How-To" workshop will detail the steps required to take a finished manuscript and turn it into a published eBook and print book through the and platforms.  Publish as many books as you like for FREE!  Keep more of your royalties for YOU!

Writer's Workshop:  Children's Literature
Audience: Aspiring Authors who write in the Children's Picture Book genre
Topic: Addressing the nuances of publishing Children's Literature
Workshop Cost: $40 per participant (workshop is 2 hours long)
What reading level is my manuscript?  How many pages should it be?  How many illustrations does it need?  What if I want someone else to do the illustrations?  How should the book be laid out?  Children's literature manuscripts have additional issues to consider before they can be published.  In this workshop, the author will learn how to prepare a children's picture book manuscript for publication.

Writer's Workshop:  Marketing via Social Media and the Internet
Audience: Aspiring Authors, Self Published Authors
Topic: Quick and easy ways to market for free using social media
Workshop Cost: $40 per participant (workshop is 2 hours long)
Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, blogs, author profiles, and websites--learn how to be present on all of these platforms.  Believe it or not, it won't take you all day!