Jennifer is a dynamic public speaker comfortable in nearly any venue and has presented to crowds as small as 3 and as large as 10,000.  Contact us at info@jennifermrodriguez.com for program options and rates.
  • Escaping Domestic Violence--Hear how Jennifer found the strength and will to leave her abusive husband.
  • Healing from Domestic Violence--Jennifer shares the joy and sorrow that she discovered while healing from an abusive marriage.
  • Healthy Parenting during Stressful Situations--Parenting is difficult, but parenting during high stress situations is a test of patience.
  • Lunch on Thursdays--Jennifer's father loves this story about how his daughter chooses to be different from her peers even if it was the unpopular thing to do.
  • Bullying--What is it?  Why is it so prevalent?  What impact does it have on future generations?  How can we prevent it?
  • Well Rounded Students--Why parents and schools should fight to keep music and art in the classrooms at every level.
  • Parent/School Connections--How can busy parents be most impactful to their child's education?
  • Gardening Social Growth--Are the people in your support system weeds or flowers? 
  • Let Your Voice be Heard--Trusting your thoughts and opinions, and expressing them in group or corporate settings.
  • Adult Bullying--The bullies of our childhood grow up to be the bullies in our office.  How to recognize and work with adult bullies.
  • Singing for Serenity--How creative endeavors can promote healing.
  • Cooking with Kids--Food adventures that will inspire you and your children to eat healthy foods in fun new ways.
  • Hooked on Love--The art of crochet is updated from granny squares to elegant works of art. 
  • How To Haiku--Express deep emotion through a few simple and thoughtful words using the traditional Japanese Haiku poem.
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