Children's Books
Two Frogs: A Counting Book
Author: Jennifer M. Rodriguez
Illustrator: Beverly Burris
Expected Release December 2011
Young children explore a pond scene complete with frogs, butterflies, and flowers.  A storm is coming--can you count the raindrops?  Numbers 1 through 10 are represented graphically, numerically, and artistically so that young children are able to develop number sense and counting skills.  The author includes family activities that extend the child's learning in math, language arts, and science.
Lunch on Thursdays
Author: Jennifer M. Rodriguez
Illustrator: Beverly Burris
Expected Release June 2012
Cassie is a typical second grader who prefers vegetable soup to hamburgers--and her classmates tease her for being different.  Find out how Cassie reacts to peer pressure, and ends up being an inspiration to her whole class.  This story is inspired by the author's real life experience in second grade.
Adult Books
Author: Jennifer M. Rodriguez
Expected Release December 2012
The author describes the dramatic events that occured during an abusive marriage, how she found the strength to leave, and the psychological aftermath.  She discusses the impact of her experiences on her as an individual, as a mother, and how it affected her children.  This is a unique insight into the phenomenon of domestic abuse from the perspective of the victim and the survivor. 
Other Projects
A Word From Franny's House
Contributor: Jennifer M. Rodriguez
Ongoing since February 2011
Jennifer is the primary contributor to the Franny's House Blog calle A Word From Franny's House.  She discusses many topics including parenting, bullying, inspirational stories, stress management, grief management, and more. 
Miss Chim's Class
Writer: Jennifer M. Rodriguez
Set Design: Beverly Burris
Ongoing since October 2011
Miss Chim's Class is a puppet show that airs online for children in preschool through elementary school.  The show follows a cast of puppet characters who respond in different ways to social situations.  Children learn different strategies for making friends and developing healthy relationships with friends and family. 
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