Jennifer M. Rodriguez is a native Texan currently living in California.  She received her Bachelor's degree from Baylor University in 2000 in the field of Education, and is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology.  She has worked with children in a variety of roles since 1990, and recently founded a non-profit organization dedicated to serving children, youth, and families. 
In 2005, Jennifer and her two children escaped a near-lethal domestic violence household, and spent the next several years putting their lives back together.  Jennifer structured her healing through a balance of counseling, the creative release of emotion, cultivating healthy relationships with friends and family, and developing the strength of her voice.  She turned a scary situation into an opportunity for growth; and dedicated her life to helping people of all ages discover their own personal strength and ability to overcome obstacles. 
Jennifer continues to be a positive role model for victims of domestic violence, and is an inspiration to all who hear her story.  She is available to speak to your organization about her experiences and a variety of social and educational issues.  Please visit our Topics page to learn more. 
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